so, why?

Over 300,000 metric tonnes of plastic waste generated in the 36 states of Nigeria daily, from which less than 20% is currently being recycled. This waste more often finds its way to:

  • Landfills, which destroys the aesthetic value of the landscape and the burning of the wastes produce harmful green house gases which increase carbon footprint and contributes to climate change.
  • In drainage channels, preventing free flow of drainage which precipitates severe flooding that takes lives and destroys property.

It is obvious that there is an urgent need for a robust nationwide plastic recycling/upcycling platform, the consequences of the absence of which are far-reaching.

our plastic waste eradication model

We have designed a 5-pronged model which takes a holistic approach to solving the problem of plastic waste pollution. Our model involves


By partnering with local communities, through monthly clean-up programs we sensitize the general population on the dangers of indiscriminate plastic waste disposal and its contribution to: flooding, environmental degradation, destruction of life on water and climate change.


Through our various collection agents, social benefit scheme and partnership with ‘plastic waste producing hubs’ like: malls, event centres, university campuses, we collect waste plastic bottles for upcycling.


We convert the waste plastic bottles to a range of products and eco-furniture, thus creating ‘value from waste’.


By putting our products up for exhibition at local and international trade fair events, we propagate our vision and display our model.


Through our e-commerce platform, our products are available for purchase anywhere in the world.

Our Past outreaches

We frequently visit communities in Ibadan to sensitize them about indiscriminate plastic usage and dumping as well as partake in a community-wide clean up exercise

services we offer

We offer the following services to our clientele:

Waste Pickup

We offer plastic waste pickup services to Individuals, households and corporate bodies committed to ensuring environmental sustainability. Kindly refer to the contact section for enquiries on how to sign up for this service and you will receive a prompt response from our client services team.


We organise training programs on basic and advanced plastic waste upcycling techniques and community mobilization strategies to achieve environmental protection literacy.


We provide environmental conservation and waste management consulting services to local and international, governmental and corporate organisations with interest in waste-to-wealth enterprise and social impact initiatives.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

We engage our local community by donating our products to drive sustainable development.

the clean city initiative

The Clean City Initiative is a technology-driven social enterprise committed to eradicating the menace of plastic waste pollution and severe flooding in Nigeria through the power of upcycling that creates jobs and economic liberation for the people of Nigeria and beyond. We create value and wealth in form of eco-furniture from waste plastic products. We employ a community-based social benefit and incentive scheme that rewards plastic waste submissions with points, which when accumulated can be used to redeem household items and prizes. We believe that at the intersection of technology, upcycling and community mobilization strategies, we can achieve a world free of pollution and the threat of climate change.

meet the team

Folajimi Adesanya
Co-Founder/Managing Director
Olanrewaju Ajeigbe
Co-Founder/Creative Director
Ugochukwu Okeke​
Project Director
Oyinkansola Bakare
Deputy Creative Director | Volunteers Coordinator
Ifeanyichukwu Muogbo
Director of Web Resources
Titus Adekunle
Director of Public Communications
Oluwanifemi Adetona
Director of Finance
Eson Allalana
Project Secretary
Ebenezer Falodun
Senior Branding Partner