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The Clean City Initiative volunteers platform is designed for youths who are looking to invest their time, skills and talents to create a world free from plastic pollution, flooding and the menace of climate change through their participation in outreaches and upcycling activities geared towards creating a safer and more sustainable world.
Our volunteers program is run in cycles, with each program cycle lasting a maximum duration of 10 months. At the beginning of each program cycle, our volunteers are recruited in cohorts or batches.

By volunteering with us, you are committing to:
  • Participating in our monthly sensitization outreaches and cleanup projects to neighbouring communities.
  • Participating in regular upcycling/recycling activities as much as possible.
  • Being available for an average of 5 hours monthly for the program cycle.
  • Being in the University College Hospital premise at least once a month during the program cycle.

All Our Volunteers Receive

Free training course on basic plastic waste upcycling techniques as the beginning of the program cycle

An output based stipend for their upcycling work.

A certificate of successful program completion at the end of the program cycle.

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become a cci champion!

  • Are you a passionate environmental conservation enthusiast?
  • Do you work or would you love to work under the: reduce, reuse and recycle mantra
  • Would you like to end the menace of plastic pollution and flooding in your community, thus saving lives and property in return?
  • Would you like to earn champion points that can be redeemed as household items and prizes?
As a CCI champion, you would be responsible for collecting and submitting plastic waste for points and tokens that can be redeemed as a range of prizes and household items.

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